About us

TopRank Junk Removal ensures that the rubbish and junk is removed on the same day of your booking.

Hello! When you take the time to pick-up the phone and request a service, we feel the least we can do is put you in contact with the man who runs the show. When you call 236-880-7947, you speak to Akash, the owner and operator of TopRank Junk Removal, each and every time.

We take an astonishing amount of pride in not only our team, but our customer service and the overall junk removal experience.

Our objective is to always handle your unwanted items in a safe, efficient & cost-effective manner. We strive to make sure you are not only satisfied with our services but hope you will return to use us the next time around! Our team tries to make every encounter memorable, so the name “TopRank Junk Removal” will always stand out when spring cleaning or begin those renovations!

We are a small business, that thrives off of the satisfaction of our customers. We appreciate you visiting our site & hope to get the opportunity to provide our top-notch services to you! We do also speak Hindi, Punjabi, and English to cater to the need of every individual, by breaking the language barrier as much as we can.

Two TopRank Specialist taking a picture
TopRank Junk Removal offers comprehensive solutions for all commercial and residential junk removal needs. We follow all the standards and rules related to junk removal and always adopt an environment-friendly approach.
What’s better than a quick, professional junk removal service available at an affordable and competitive price? Moreover, we ensure that our customers receive complete value for money without compromising on the quality of work.
TopRank Junk Removal adopts a very focused approach while removing and disposing of junk. We segregate the trash and send the reusable items to local charities. Also, we send all the recyclable items to the nearest recycling facility to increase their utility.

Seamless Process

We ensure that the entire process is smooth from the point customers contact us to the point we leave their property clean.

Right Tools & Resources

Our team uses the most appropriate tools and equipment to remove the trash. Thus, ensuring maximum safety.

Same Day Service

No matter what kind of trash you have and what its volume is, TopRank Junk Removal ensures that the rubbish and junk is removed on the same day of your booking.

Fast Turnaround

We understand that unwanted junk and trash create headaches. Henceforth, our competent team reaches your location in the minimum time to remove the trash.

Trained Professionals

All our team members have the necessary licenses and certifications to carry out junk removal efficiently.

No Disruption. Only Clean Spaces.

Our team never bothers you while removing trash from your property. We complete our job with minimal to no inconvenience.