We offer the best pricing to help you!

We do all the heavy lifting and loading. We charge based on how much space the garbage takes in our 14 ft dump trailer. Prices start at $49 for the most basic item.

We would be happy to come take a look in person and be able to give you an accurate quote at that time, If that works for you we can also provide service at the same time.

I will try to give you the best deal possible, but I also have to consider my own expenses such as dump fees, gas, labour, insurance etc. If you want we can schedule an appointment for a free estimate soon and if you like the price we will do the job fast and efficiently!

I usually like to come up with a price that both me and my client can be happy with, we will get the job done fast and professionally ✅ feel free to reach me at +12368807947 anytime

Man throwing a garbage

Curbside Pickup

Receive a 15% discount on junk removal services by us when items are placed on the curb, front yard, or in an easy-to-access car port or garage. When calling, let us know you have made the job curbside to enjoy your big savings on junk removal!

Easy Accessibility

Placing your junk in a convenient place while clearing the driveway of cars, trailers, and other obstacles will make the job easier for us and help you save on our junk removal services! Removing items from places with stairs, slippery floors, and from tight spaces results in a win-win situation for all of us and results in fast junk removal.

Avoid Surcharges

Sometimes, surcharges are unavoidable. Expect to pay more for piano removal and other heavy items, dirt removal, construction waste (concrete removal), extremely large items, hard to access spaces, long travel times. It would help to break down any small items and make items easier to access for junk removal.